Tiny Dick Humiliation

Having a tiny dick is humiliating enough, but when you begin telling me your cuckold phone sex story the humiliation goes much deeper.

Imagine your wife coming home with a black lover.  You don’t want to admit it, but secretly you’re aroused when you see them together.  She allows you to watch them from the bedroom door and you find yourself so hard that you stroke your little dicklet while she takes his enormous black cock deep into her pussy.  You are shocked when you see that he isn’t wearing a condom and when they are finished she moves over to you and pushes you down to your knees and you begin your cum eating, cream pie training.  You are very adept with your tongue and she gets turned on and wants more of that big cock so she sends you over to him to get him ready for her again.  You never imagined yourself as a cock sucking fluffer but here you are, working that cock until it is rock hard and throbbing for your wife’s pussy.

You want to share all of your cuckold phone sex experiences with me and as you live those moments over and over again, you realize that this is the lifestyle you were meant to have.

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Sissy Phone Sex

Lately I’ve been sharing some very intimate talks with a very special phone sex sissy.  “She” has taken on a part-time job working in a women’s apparel store and she absolutely loves what she is doing.  It’s been a bit of a struggle for this particular phone sex sissy to break into the women’s fashion industry, but she’s finding it very rewarding due, in part, to very understanding managers and compassionate shoppers.

She has shared several cross dressing websites with me and she loves showing me the new styles and trendy fashions that she is just dying to wear.  It’s only a matter of time before this sweet girl is dressing full time – inside and out.  I admire her devotion to being who she is and not just blending in to who everyone else “thinks” she should be.

Feminization, sissification and cross dressing on any and every level is amazingly sensual and erotic.  I can teach you everything, and I mean EVERYthing you need to know to become the perfect phone sex sissy.   Give me a call today and let your journey begin.



Extreme Taboo Talk with A Twisted Little Fuck Slut

Does age play phone sex makes your cock rock hard? Then you’ll love talking to me. I have a sweet young voice and the dirtiest mind out there!  I love talking to horny guys like you and making your cock explode!   I’m a total age play phone sex whore. I love extreme taboo talk and love being a nasty, twisted little fuckslut for you.

Just a few of my favorite fantasies besides age play phone sex are incest… especially daddy daughter, rape fantasies and even gangbang calls! Wouldn’t you love to share your favorite fantasy with a naughty little teen slut like me? I know you would, so call me! Anything goes with me!

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Cum Eating Phone Sex

Cum eating phone sex is not as unusual a request as you might think.  So many callers tell me that they’ve always wanted to taste their own cum but they just can’t quite make themselves do it.  They call me, hoping that I can help persuade them to give it a try.

Of course, some cum eating phone sex fantasies are more involved and can include a dirty scenario, like forcing a cock sucking sissy to visit a glory hole.  Those types of calls can include some forms of humiliation to enhance the call and make it even more intense.  Imagine being dressed as a panty boy and called names like faggot or goo gobbler while you’re on your knees sucking a stranger’s cock.  I have been known to sneak a strap on into those booths as well so I can fuck a sissy while he’s sucking and swallowing.  Sound like something you’d enjoy?

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Perverted Little Princess for Forced Underage Fantasies

Are you ready for an anything goes phone sex girl who can’t wait to cum with you? Well, that’s what I like best so you found me. Uninhibited fantasies where we talk about everything that turns you on and makes you cum with me. That’s one of my favorite things to do. Cum with you.

I’m a perverted little Princess and I tied up Daddy ME when he was a little drunk and waited for him to wake up in our incest and underage fantasy. I sat on his face and made Daddy ME lick my pussy while a friend of mine fucked him. It was so fun! Daddy’s my bitch now! teehee

I brought home a young girl in a hot underage and forced fantasy with DH. We wanted to make a movie and she was so cute I just had to snatch her up for it. She was so scared she peed her panties and DH thought that was so funny! We made a kinky anal sex video of him fucking her little ass while I sat on her face and forced her to lick my pussy. The look on her face when I told her it was an anal sex tape and then when he plunged his big dick in her ass was priceless! This was one fucking perverted hot anything goes phone sex fantasy and I can’t wait for more!

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Young Girl Rape Fantasies

You have no idea how much I love taboo phone sex! I love getting really nasty and kinky on the phone and playing out all of your wildest fantasies! I have a few really kinky ones that are my favorites too!

One of my favorites is incest fantasies. I love family fun role plays like daddy/daughter and brother/sister role play. I especially love playing a very young little girl… preteen or younger and seducing you! Age play makes my cunt so wet. I wish you could feel how wet!! I’d love for you to  slide your fingers inside my young pussy so bad!  Do you like this type of taboo phone sex too? If so call me and I will make you cum so good.

I also love rape fantasies too. Do you dream of raping and ravaging a little hottie like me? I really enjoy being your little victim, screaming and crying and begging you not to hurt me. I get really into these fantasies, too. If you’re calling me for a taboo phone sex fantasy, be ready to shoot your hot, sticky, creamy load!

Those are just a taste of the hot taboo phone sex fantasies we can play out. Have something else in mind?  I’m sure we’ll have lots of naughty fun no matter what we talk about! Anythng goes with me! I do it all!

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