Hello there! I am Alexis and I am here to welcome you to my world of kinky fetishes and dark twisted taboo phone sex. When you are looking for a safe and non judgmental space to delve into all those sick and perverted phone sex fantasies, I am here and available for you.

I learned about sex at a very, very, young age although it wasn’t until I was in my teens that I had my first cock in my pussy. All those Daddy daughter incest fantasies you have are probably the same ones I had when I was a young girl. My first real boyfriend was a foot fetishist and that turned me onto the world of fetish sex and especially weird and unusual twisted fetish phone sex. If it’s not a fetish I know about, I’m going to learn about quick to make our phone sex called the best you have ever had. I am naturally Dominant, a size queen, and not only do I love cuckold phone sex, I cuckold my little dick wannabe lovers in real life too!

Until you get to know me, it can be hard to believe some of the sick, twisted, filthy, and nasty things that come out of my pretty mouth. Not only am I a dirty talker, it’s the taboo things I talk about. What if we kidnap a little girl or boy, or both, and bring them home to use, abuse, torture, rape, snuff or breed? Mommy gets off on offering her daughter up in lieu of paying rent and sometimes just for the thrill of it. Your horny Aunt caught you in her panty drawer and has now turned you into her panty wearing, cock sucking faggot bitch. I do all those taboo age play fantasies on incest phone sex calls so don’t be surprised when you hear me cumming right along with you!

My current boyfriend is a handsome, muscular, and black with the most beautiful BBC I have ever seen. His black cock is about 10 inches long, thick, dark and big balls that hang just below. You know he makes me cum harder and better than you ever could with your useless little white dick. It’s a good thing my BBC likes pretty pussy faggot boys as much as I do! I can’t wait for our cuckold phone sex call so I can tell you all about the nasty and perverted things we’re going to make you do. Using my strap-on on your slutty ass and mouth is just training for the real thing. I know how much you crave my cream pie pussy and asshole. I can’t wait to hear you beg to my fluffer and take that huge black dick down your throat. As a Dominant Cuckoldress I will also control your pathetic teeny peenie and tease and deny your orgasm for my pleasure. What have you done to deserve to cum?!

Fetish phone sex with me isn’t just limited to the usual either. Of course I embrace all of you with a foot fetish, stocking/nylon fetish, ass fetish, leather fetish and more. I mean, what is better than you on your knees pampering my sexy feet after a long night of dancing? I hope you like them hot and dirty. What sets me apart from other fetish phone sex girls is my love and knowledge of the weird and unusual. Let me the Giantess Goddess who can crush you with a single step. Or let me shrink you into my little man and keep you tucked in my bra or my purse all day. I’ve talked with men about seemingly normal things like matches, vacuum cleaners, inflatable toys and balloons that are totally sexual with a wicked creative imagination. No fetish is off limits, I embrace it all with an open mind, spread legs, and a wet pussy. Your fetish phone sex pleasure is soon to be mine.

I am an experienced and twisted phone sex girl which means I have had the time to develop many specialties. If you’re looking for spanking phone sex, OTK, corporal punishment, ritual spankings included, you must give me a call. I love to spank naughty boys and girls and I am a firm believer in Domestic Discipline. I am so perverted I get off on religious blasphemy phone sex too. I am bisexual so we can indulge in lesbian phone sex or better, let’s get another girl on the line with us and you can hear how I would dominate her and you if you like! What if she’s your wife and I’m your lover and now she’s our bitch?! I love guided masturbation phone sex calls, tease and denial with emphasis on denial, edging, joi, cei, forced orgasms, milking, ruined orgasms, castration, ball busting, and more.

And please, do not let all the sick twisted taboo stuff scare you way, when it comes down to it, I’m a woman with needs who also thinks vanilla sex has it’s time and place as well.

Whatever your sick, twisted, taboo, fetish phone sex fantasy is you can be assured that I am going to explore it with you until your balls feel like they’re going to explode. I’m always here and ready for your fantasy call. What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call me now!


Alexis – 1-877-789-5973





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