Anything Goes Phone Sex

I’m a totally kinky anything goes phone sex girl and can’t wait to get naughty and cum with you! One of the dirty things I like best is toilet play and I had a very hot, dirty fantasy with CW. I was his ex-wife and struggling to pay some bills and had the perfect plan to get my ex to help out with that. I went over to talk to him and asked for his help and of course he gave me the -he’s struggling too- speech. Then I slipped my hand down the back of my skirt, fingered my ass and brought my finger up to his nose. I led him to what was recently our bedroom, helped him strip and slid my ass down on his face and fed my ex my hot stinky shit. He’s such a good boy for me with a little persuasion with my nasty, dirty shit. My ass is his kryptonite and will get me anything I want every time. Everything’s going to be just fine now. Until next time… ::wink

RG is a kinky golden showers kind of guy for our anything goes phone sex fun, and we had a great time peeing on each other and fucking in that soaking wet bed of his. He gets so excited when he pees on me and I rub it through my hair and over my tits and pussy as it’s streaming and dripping down my body. He pulls me on top of him and we roll around on the wet bed, drenching both of us in our golden showers puddle and then he fucks me so hard. Getting wet and nasty with you is so fun! I can’t wait for more. I really can’t. I just peed my panties while writing about our hot, kinky fun!

I’m here for all your taboo bathroom and toilet play fun. Use me as your toilet or beg me to use you. I’m up for everything hot, naughty and fucking fun! I’ll be your naughty, perverted playpal for all your fantasies. Check out my private anything goes phone sex site for more of my hot fantasy fun too and call me for all your nasty, hot fun!

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Fetish Phone Sex

Fetish phone sex is so fun, especially with so many hot, kinky fetishes to role play with while we make each other cum. There are so many fun fetishes to role play with and JS had a very fun little dick humiliation and toilet play fantasy for us. I laughed so hard at his dinky dick and how he actually thinks he could fuck someone with that tiny little thing. He’s a pathetic little submissive and I had my friends come over for a little humiliation party. Things got particularly fun when I decided to have a little golden showers fun with him and then some toilet play with my sissy submissive too. We were all peeing and shitting on him and kicking his balls and cracking up at how much he liked it and wanted more. It was so fun!

When it comes to strap on fetish phone sex, DP is a fucking awesome lady cock sucker. First I had a strap on party and had some of my girls come over to fuck his face while I fucked his boy pussy. Later on we had some one-on-one strap on fun and DP is the best lady cock sucker ever! He can’t get enough of my big lady dick and I can’t get enough of him sucking and begging to be fucked. I always have fun with my kinky lady cock slut!

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Kinky Phone Sex

A hot kinky phone sex fantasy is the best way to spend time celebrating Valentine’s Day. I’m an anything goes kind of girl and we can do any fantasy, role play or fetish you want and if you like that too, we can have some fun!

MP has a tiny little dick and I can’t help but giggle at him, especially when I see those panties he has on. He’s a little dick panty boy and was driving someplace and just had to stop and put his panties on so he could feel that soft fabric rubbing on his teeny weenie. I totally enjoy my little panty boy and if you’re one too, with or without humiliation, we’ll have such a good time with our panties.

I was cracking up at JP and his little dick. He’s a panty boy but thinks his little 4 inches hard is what all the girls want. He thinks he’s such a catch. How can you catch something so little? LOL JP gets off on humiliation, because, well, what guy can get off any other way when they have a dinky dick like that? I have such a good time laughing at him and playing with him. Are you ready for another game? JP … go find your dick. That’s it. Find it. LOL

I had an amazing time with my strap on lady dick cock sucker DP. He’s such a good cock sucker and sucks me in the way that I can tell he’s really enjoying my big strap on lady dick. That’s such a turn on too! I have a large collection of dildos for my strap on so DP can suck one of them while I fuck him with my strap on too. I have so much fun with you and our kinky phone sex playtime!

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Extreme Phone Sex

Extreme phone sex fantasies are awesome! If you’re looking for a totally anything goes girl for your extreme phone sex fantasy fun, that’s me. I can’t wait to get naughty and kinky with all your fantasies.

DH and I caught someone in the petty cash drawer again and didn’t tell her we knew what she did. Instead, I invited her and her preteen daughter over for lunch in our kinky age play fantasy. We told her we had her on the security video and it was do what we say or go to jail. She was more than cooperative when we told her we wanted to see some incest play from her and her daughter. They stripped, kissed, and DH was ready to join in. The Mom put her daughter on the bed on her tummy and guide DH in so he could pop that anal cherry and then I took my strap on to Mom’s ass. We raped their asses with our big dicks and they still have more to do for us even if they pay back the petty cash. I can’t wait to force fuck them again!

Daddy DD punished me for my bad report card in our incest – age play fantasy. I was extremely young in our role play and Daddy was so upset with me he said this called for some hard anal punishment. to make sure I learn my lesson. He raped my little incest ass and it felt like he was going to rip me apart with his big dick. He said the next time might not hurt as bad so I’ll just be his anal fuck toy from now on and he’ll find another way to punish me next time. Don’t tell him, but I liked it and want more! I’m going to be a really bad girl next time. hehehe

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Anything Goes Phone Sex

I’m definitely an anything goes phone sex girl and can’t wait to cum with you while we talk about your favorite fantasies. We can get as cuddly and sensual or kinky and extreme as you want. I just want to cum with you!

Incest is always a favorite taboo fantasy where our anything goes phone sex role play has no limits at all for the age play fantasy we add in with it too. Incest is so naughty and taboo and totally fucking fun to role play with you. DT was my big brother in our role play and was a little upset with me when I walked in and caught him stroking his huge 18″ dick. I wasn’t going anywhere once I saw that gigantic cock and started stroking and sucking him even though he tried to make me get out of his room. My friends are going to go crazy when I tell them about his huge dick too. I can’t wait to tell everyone!

 I helped FP kidnap a young girl in our kinky age play fantasy, and brought her home so we could turn her into our fuck toy. FP tied her down while I licked her little preteen pussy and then I sat on her face while he popped her cherry and fucked her hard. It was so fun watching her wiggle and squirm with his big dick in her. He made her cum too and now she wants more. Me too!

Let me be your  girl for all your hot, kinky, taboo fantasies too. I can’t wait to get naughty with you!

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