Taboo Age Play Fantasy with Daddy

I had an awesome extreme phone sex age play fantasy with horny Daddy caller. I was a young preteen in our incest fantasy and I caught Daddy jerking off while he was looking at porn. Being the curious little girl I am, I asked if I could watch too.  He told me all about his porn fetish and how it made him really horny when he watched it.  While we were watching I asked him if he could teach me to do the things the girls in the porn were doing.  First he put my little tiny hand on his cock and show me how to stroke it for him.  He said I was good at cock stroking and that he wanted to teach me about blow jobs next.  Once I got him rock hard he told me he wanted to lick my pussy like the guys in the porn did.  So I layed back on this desk and he licked my pussy until I squirted some juice.  Then he told me that to be the perfect little Princess for him I should lay on my belly and spread my legs open so he could force fuck my little ass.  Now I’m perfect in his eyes and I’m his dirty little anal fuck slut!  It’s awesome!

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Perverted Little Princess for Forced Underage Fantasies

Are you ready for an anything goes phone sex girl who can’t wait to cum with you? Well, that’s what I like best so you found me. Uninhibited fantasies where we talk about everything that turns you on and makes you cum with me. That’s one of my favorite things to do. Cum with you.

I’m a perverted little Princess and I tied up Daddy ME when he was a little drunk and waited for him to wake up in our incest and underage fantasy. I sat on his face and made Daddy ME lick my pussy while a friend of mine fucked him. It was so fun! Daddy’s my bitch now! teehee

I brought home a young girl in a hot underage and forced fantasy with DH. We wanted to make a movie and she was so cute I just had to snatch her up for it. She was so scared she peed her panties and DH thought that was so funny! We made a kinky anal sex video of him fucking her little ass while I sat on her face and forced her to lick my pussy. The look on her face when I told her it was an anal sex tape and then when he plunged his big dick in her ass was priceless! This was one fucking perverted hot anything goes phone sex fantasy and I can’t wait for more!

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Fetish Phone Sex

What’s your favorite fetish phone sex fantasy? DT has a kinky big cock fantasy that’s awesome. I was working in a store he was shopping at and I noticed the big bulge he had in his pants. I couldn’t keep my eyes off it and asked if I could go back to the dressing room with him and see it. He’s fucking 18 inches long and thick too! I’ve never seen a dick that big before and he turned me into a monster size cock sucking, cum eating slut right then. It was awesome!

I was a naughty accomplice in the underage butt hole fetish phone sex fantasy DH had. I brought home a young preteen in our age play fantasy and helped convince her to be our fuck toy. We played peek a boo after her shower and teased DH with a slow strip out of our towels. I told her how fun cock sucking is and she really liked it. It’s really important to make him cum fast or he’s going to want to fuck her little butt hole. I told her she needs to be his cum eating slut or he’ll force his big dick in her tiny ass and it’s going to hurt. She didn’t get him off quick enough and I put her on top of me so we could rub our pussies together while he slammed his big dick in her little ass. Our anal sex role play was fucking hot! Later, we talked about the first time we got fucked, caught masturbating and then about a hot gangbang fantasy with the gardener’s underage son and his friends. They’re young and cum quick. I wonder how many times I could make them cum before they just can’t cum anymore in a day? Now that would be an awesome gangbang and it would be so fun finding out!

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Kinky Strap On Phone Sex Calls

Have some naughty St. Patrick’s Day fun with me and a hot taboo phone sex fantasy. I’m a totally perverted kinky girl and can’t wait to cum with you.

RL is a totally perverted cuckold fluffer and can’t wait to get a big dick ready to fuck me in our taboo phone sex cock sucking fantasy. Watching him suck a big dick for me is so hot. Feeling him guide that big dick into my pussy or ass is even better. Watching the little cum eating fag face beg for that big dick to pull out of my pussy and shoot his load in RL’s greedy mouth is awesome. He’s such a cum slut! Having a cock sucking cuckold around is awesome. Are you ready for more? I am.

It’s so hot when DP sucks my strap on lady cock. He’s a really good lady dick cock sucking slut too. He sucks my strap on and then I put a dildo with a suction cup on the back down on the floor for him to lick and suck on while I fuck his man pussy with my big dick. It’s awesome. Talk about kinky fun!

I was going door-to-door letting people know about my babysitting services when I met AH. He offered to pay extra for my services if he could be my diaper boy and I was ready! I cleaned his butt with my wipes, spread diaper rash cream all over him and powder too, and put a nice clean diaper on him. Then I rubbed his back and tummy and told him to make a pooey mess in his diapers for me to clean up. I have a special way to clean a pooey diaper. Can you guess what it is? hehehe

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Preteen Fantasy Phone Sex Role Play

I get so turned on by kinky phone sex fantasies! Don’t you? I’m ready to role play all your favorite fantasies and cum with you. If you’re not sure what you’re in the mood for, here’s a few hot things I’ve been doing that might spark your naughty imagination too.

I was babysitting with BW for his preteen niece in our age play fantasy and I was his naughty accomplice who helped him finally get into that little pussy. I convinced her to play the kissy lick game with me and then BW joined in and I got her to suck his big dick. He fucked her and popped her cherry while I licked her little pussy and his dick and later we talked some more and shared more hot incest stories too. It was awesome!

DT had a hot, kinky phone sex fantasy for us and I was his friend’s Mom in our role play. I walked in to put laundry away and accidentally saw his huge cock. I’m talking gigantic 18 inches! I was so embarrassed but curious too. I’ve never seen a dick that big before. I was captivated. I’ve never cheated before, but I was like in a trance and found myself sucking on that big dick and then turning around so he could fuck me from behind. It was incredible! Our big cock fantasies always are!

When DH told me he bought something new, I couldn’t wait for him to tell me. I have a huge collection of sex toys and when he told me he bought a virgin size plastic pussy, I was totally turned on by it. It’s cyberskin and even though I like calling it a plastic pussy, it’s soft and feels real. I told him my niece modeled for it in our preteen age play fantasy and we had a little incest role play to go along with our mutual masturbation using our sex toys. I pulled out my dildo and he fucked his virgin pussy and we both came so hard. I can’t wait until we get to use that plastic pussy again together. Sex toys rock!

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