Extreme Incest Role Playing with Twisted Mommy

By , December 30, 2016

Hi there, I’m Stevie an incestuous loving mommy looking to give you the best extreme phone sex possible and fulfill all of your cock stroking needs!  I enjoy getting to know the perverted mind on the other end of my telephone line because it makes for a much better orgasm at the end of our call.

What kinky, perverted and twisted phone sex thoughts turn you on?  When was the last time you had some extreme taboo thoughts that really had you beating your meat hard? And when I say extreme taboo, I really mean it.  I want you to feel comfortable in my judgment free zone and tell me what’s really on your perverted mind!

Maybe you have thoughts of little young girls and thoughts of smooth bald pussies make your cock twitch?  Perfect because I too have perverted thoughts about underage pussy and cock!  I have a daughter and a son and I love to incorporate them into my taboo phone sex calls with perverted men because it makes it so much more real!

I am a product of incest myself so I am in complete understanding of how twisted incest sex can be and feel so good at the same time.  I grew up with a ton of family fun and sex games and became skilled at pleasing older men.  I knew nothing different.  Once I grew older, the sexual feelings for family never subsided and the urges never went away.

Perhaps you have had some of the same extreme sexual experiences as I have had and can relate with me and the cravings for extreme incest phone sex.  I hope so because sharing and swapping perverted incest stories makes for a great masturbation session over the phone!

If you are seeking an extreme phone sex role play I can fill the shoes of any role you throw my way.  I can be your kinky mommy, perverted aunt, or even your dirty little promiscuous daughter.  Even though I’m not a young girl any more, playing the younger version of myself brings me back to the incestuous games I played with my Dad and Uncles growing up.

Incest is such a taboo word in today’s society but I enjoy it way too much to keep it a secret.  Please join me for an extreme phone sex session and learn how you too can have sexual pleasures while fantasizing about incest sex with your family members!  Can’t wait to hear from you soon!

Stevie – 1-877-681-5183

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