Hi guys, welcome to my cuckold phone sex palace of adventure and adult fantasy entertainment.  I’m Nanci, your “guilty pleasure girl” and I’m here to indulge all of your sexual fantasies among other things.  You see, even though I love all kinds of kinky fetish phone sex and cuckold phone sex fantasies are one of my very favorites.  Why?  Because I have lot’s of personal experiences that I love to re-live and share with you and because I happen to think that a man should always be willing to accept the lifestyle if that is what his wife or girlfriend chooses.  If you are a true cuckold, or would like to become one, then you understand exactly what I’m talking about.

Cuckolding generally begins simply enough.  Usually a man calls me and tells me that he get’s very turned on by the thought of his wife or girlfriend fucking another man.  Most guys believe that it is pretty cut and dry.  Their wife goes out, finds a man to fuck, her husband stays home and jacks off thinking about what she’s doing and then she comes home to him and all is well.  Guess again big guy!  Once your wife has been fucked by a lover with a big dick, maybe even a little BBC (big black cock) action, then you can forget every fucking her again.  I’ll let you in on a little secret… size DOES matter!

Now just because your wife has decided to fuck around on you, that doesn’t mean that your fucking days are over.  Oh no.  She’ll find other ways for you to be useful to her.  When you call me, I’ll tell you just how things are going to progress for you.  The funny thing is that you’re going to see that you’re actually enjoying the process of cuckold training and you’ll want to hear more and more every day.

During our calls, you might be asked if you enjoy cock sucking phone sex fantasies also.  I sure hope you do, because being a good cocksucker leads to the next step of cum eating phone sex where you’ll be asked to suck and swallow like a good little submissive lover.  I’ll bet the thought of sloppy wet blowjob never entered your kinky mind, did it?  LOL!  Fortunately for you, before you begin learning how to suck a cock, you’ll be experiencing cream pie eating that will only intensify your lust and fetish for cum eating.  Believe me, you’ll be begging for a cock sucking session before you know it.

I’m not a phone sex mistress or dominatrix by nature, but I can assure you that you’ll find yourself willingly accommodating all of my faggot fantasy requests.  It’s funny, it’s usually the most macho of men who require my training, because they just can’t seem to break away from the need for humiliation phone sex by a gorgeous woman who can turn them from a manly man to a sissy phone sex slut in the blink of an eye.

A cuckold fantasy can include an interracial experience, or BBC (big black cock) sex as I like to refer to it.  You know what they say “once you go black, you never go back.”  I think you’ll find this to be true, especially in a cuckold relationship.

If you’ve never experienced orgasm denial or orgasm control, you’d better be prepared for abstinence like you’ve never known before.  As your training progresses, you might be put into a chastity device, so that your orgasms will be in the hands of your wife or her lover.  Forced masturbation sessions could be a very real part of your future.  I’ve even heard of men being made into sissy sluts, being forced to endure a deep strap-on fucking while they stroke so that they truly feel like a feminized sissy in front of their wife’s overly endowed lover.  This would be humiliation phone sex at it’s peak!  I’m an experienced sissy phone sex trainer and we can take our sessions together where ever you’d like to take them… all you have to do is open up and expose to me what you are looking for and wanting to achieve during our calls.

As you can see, the cuckolding is a lifestyle.  It can be as simple as a wife simply fucking another man or it can go much deeper than that.  It all depends on what you want.  When you call my line, tell me what it is that makes your cock tingle and twitch and I’ll make sure your taboo phone sex fantasy call is one of the best you’ve ever had!

Any type of extreme phone sex fantasy or fetish is welcome anytime!

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