Hello there, I’m Steve and I want to welcome you to my incestuous playground of deviant, taboo phone sex fun!  I offer a safe place for you to reveal and unleash some of your most private and taboo thoughts and fantasies. I want you to feel comfortable with someone who not only has knowledge, but experience as well. I feel that due to my experiences I have a much deeper understanding of incest sex than a lot of others so hopefully the two of us can relate to one another as we share intimate secrets and fantasies together.

Maybe going back in time with an age play fantasy will be the perfect way to make your cock explode!  My nurturing mommy phone sex skills and sensual voice will do just the trick.  Come cuddle up with Mommy and I’ll be sure to make my sweet little son’s cock hard as a rock. Where do you think Mommy should let your weenie squirt?

Incest phone sex role plays are such a turn on for me and I love engaging in any incest combination imaginable. Mommy son phone sex fantasies would have to be my favorite but I cannot lie to you, the other scenarios such as Aunt / nephew, grandma / grandson, and brother / sister make me cum too! Especially if the fantasy is extremely hot and very twisted! Bringing incest fantasies alive in our minds is what good phone sex is all about.

Being an extreme phone sex specialist, incest is a topic that just comes naturally to me. Have you always wanted to date a single Mom / MILF just to get to her offspring?  If so, then I have a hot fantasy for you! It makes my pussy soaking wet every time I think about it and I can’t wait to role play it with you over the phone! You are my date, and we come back to my house for a nightcap so that we can continue our flirting.  Of course after I relieve the babysitter of her duties, my kids wake up.  What a better way to get your cock off than to include them into our sexual playtime.  Who will you enjoy first, my daughter or my son?

Incest phone sex is not for everyone, and I understand and accept that.  You don’t have to want an incest fantasy to call and play with me.  I’m into all kinds of sexually kinky things and it is why I am called an extreme phone sex lover. I can go from mild to wild, from one end of the spectrum to the other. If you are looking to take an ordinary fantasy up a notch, to an extreme level, such as forced sex or rape, I’m game for that too!

Let’s say I’m a single mother who lost her job and you’re my landlord. You come over to collect the overdue rent, knowing full well I don’t have it. You tell me that I have two choices: get out or give up my young daughter. You force me to watch as you take my underage daughter for payment. I cry and beg you to stop and to take me instead but your mind and dick are set on popping her cherry and taking her innocence away.

Maybe that’s not your cup of tea either. Maybe you’re looking for something a little more perverted and kinky. Does sucking on another man’s cock turn you on? I bet my boyfriend would be a ton of fun to climb into our fantasy bed with us! Can you imagine just how incredibly sexy his muscular body would be to play on and use as your personal jungle gym? Would you like me to incorporate some domination and humiliation by calling you names while you suck his cock dry? I know a good little cock sucking faggot would and I know just how to make cum eating whore fantasies come true!

Join my perverted phone sex fan club and get off in a judgment free zone where there are no limits and every type of taboo phone sex scenario is accepted.  Explore your kinky thoughts with a woman who holds nothing back.  I openly encourage you to do the same and see just how excited your physical body can get with the creativeness of our imaginations.  Don’t be shy, the world of fantasy is a wonderful place to visit, relieve stress and pumps blood to all the right places. I can’t wait to hear from you so pick up the phone and dial me today!



Stevie – 1-877-681-5183




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