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Hello and thank you for stopping by at our extreme phone sex website.  There have been some inquiries lately asking why we haven’t been posting any new blogs and reading material on our website for some time now…

Well, that’s because we’ve been working on some new deliciously deviant websites!  Our phone sex network is going to be having some new additions in the upcoming future,  so we’d like to share one of our newest extreme websites with you now!  We hope that you will continue to check back with us here for news and updates but will also follow us on our newest website:  Extreme Fantasy Calls

You will find many of us here from on this new phone sex website, but you will also find more phone sex operators that are within our taboo phone sex network too!  Enjoy the perverted blogs written by the extreme fantasy girls and we hope to hear from you very soon!

Strap On Fetish Phone Sex for Anal Pleasure Seekers

Bend over baby, I’m Alexis and I am a strap on fetish phone sex queen! It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced strap on slut or brand new to anal play and just curious, I have the experience to make your strap on fetish phone sex call the best you have ever had! Our call will be best if you have a dildo or something similar to play with and a lot of lube! If you’re new to strap on phone sex fun, a small or slender toy is best. It’s not supposed to hurt, and if it does, you’re doing it wrong. But if you’re a masochist that’s okay, I always love a man who enjoys pleasure from pain.

I am naturally Dominant and I get off on the power I feel when I’m wearing a fat, pink, plastic cock. Watch me stroke my cock for you as you feel your dick getting hard just thinking about what I’m going to do with it. Taste my strap-on and if you’re lucky you can taste my pussy juice on it from my masturbation session earlier in the day! Once we have you warmed up and open (that could take 5 min or 20 min depending on your experience) I am going to fuck your ass, hit your prostate, and make you cum like you never imagined was possible. Let’s really kick up your strap-on fetish and make you cum all over my cock. I hope you’ll lick it all up, and if not, I’m going to rub my plastic lady dick right up against yours.

The only thing that makes your strap on fetish phone sex call even better is to add some taboo role play! Let’s play that I’m your Mommy who decides her naughty, incest loving boy needs punishment that extends beyond a spanking for an extreme phone sex fantasy, or I could be your sexy sister that catches you playing with her panties and her favorite dildo! No matter the taboo phone sex fantasy you can be sure it’s going to end up with my strap-on cock right up your tight little ass!

I can’t wait to make you my extreme phone sex lover who can’t get enough of my lady cock so pick up the phone and experience strap on fetish phone sex at its best!

Alexis – 1-877-789-5973

Extreme Incest Role Playing with Twisted Mommy

Hi there, I’m Stevie an incestuous loving mommy looking to give you the best extreme phone sex possible and fulfill all of your cock stroking needs!  I enjoy getting to know the perverted mind on the other end of my telephone line because it makes for a much better orgasm at the end of our call.

What kinky, perverted and twisted phone sex thoughts turn you on?  When was the last time you had some extreme taboo thoughts that really had you beating your meat hard? And when I say extreme taboo, I really mean it.  I want you to feel comfortable in my judgment free zone and tell me what’s really on your perverted mind!

Maybe you have thoughts of little young girls and thoughts of smooth bald pussies make your cock twitch?  Perfect because I too have perverted thoughts about underage pussy and cock!  I have a daughter and a son and I love to incorporate them into my taboo phone sex calls with perverted men because it makes it so much more real!

I am a product of incest myself so I am in complete understanding of how twisted incest sex can be and feel so good at the same time.  I grew up with a ton of family fun and sex games and became skilled at pleasing older men.  I knew nothing different.  Once I grew older, the sexual feelings for family never subsided and the urges never went away.

Perhaps you have had some of the same extreme sexual experiences as I have had and can relate with me and the cravings for extreme incest phone sex.  I hope so because sharing and swapping perverted incest stories makes for a great masturbation session over the phone!

If you are seeking an extreme phone sex role play I can fill the shoes of any role you throw my way.  I can be your kinky mommy, perverted aunt, or even your dirty little promiscuous daughter.  Even though I’m not a young girl any more, playing the younger version of myself brings me back to the incestuous games I played with my Dad and Uncles growing up.

Incest is such a taboo word in today’s society but I enjoy it way too much to keep it a secret.  Please join me for an extreme phone sex session and learn how you too can have sexual pleasures while fantasizing about incest sex with your family members!  Can’t wait to hear from you soon!

Stevie – 1-877-681-5183

Extreme Preteen Phone Sex with Twisted Deviant Mommy

deviant mommy for preteen fantasies

Deviant Mommy Karlie for Extreme Preteen and Underage Fantasy Fun!

When it comes to preteen fantasies and extreme phone sex, rest assured that your hot mom next door knows just what she is doing! Do you have a thing for preteen girls, like I do?  If so, we’re gonna get along really well!  There have come plenty of times during my life as a Mommy that I have struggled with keeping my hands to myself. It wasn’t until I became a phone sex operator that I have been able to live out my underage pedo tendencies during my extreme taboo phone sex calls. I am able to confide in all you perverts just how nasty my twisted thoughts can get about my little one.  I sometimes even confess what I would love to do to my preteen princess even thought I know how wrong and downright twisted it is!

One night recently a customer called just as I had finished up her bath! I was already hot and bothered as she fell fast asleep. He rang to me and asked me what have I done recently to really get my pussy wet. I confessed how I envisioned exploring my sweet underage, preteen daughters body.  I shared with him all of my twisted thoughts and they went like this:  I slide my hand in between her legs while she was splashing around. How I allowed my fingers to find every hole of hers. Rubbing and massaging over her clit, all the while pretending to be washing her down. I knew he was getting really hot and bothered during our taboo phone sex call, so I told him that if he wanted to get nasty with me, to say so! He begged for me to open up to him and I whispered into the phone “I want to go lick her while you watch”… I could hear his breathing deepen. I wanted to taste her while he listened in on the other end. I know that really puts a kinky phone sex twist on my fantasy, but that is what I really wanted! I craved the feeling of virgin pussy surrounding my tongue. So I sneaked into her room while she was sleeping, ever so quietly! He was panting on the other end of the phone while I pulled back the covers. I whispered exactly what I was doing as I was doing it, trying to make sure I didn’t wake her. I slid her panties down to her ankles and let her knees fall apart. I stared at that perfect pink little cunt, licking my lips, salivating over how I imagine she tastes. I bent down, and whispered again “here I go, I am sliding my tongue into my daughter”. I knew that this twisted phone sex fantasy was really going to blow him over the edge. I slide my tongue out and flicked across that little puffy cunt. Oh how sweet her pussy is in my mouth. Licking that creamy center. “Now open wide my sweet friend!” I told him I was going to stick my tongue in his mouth, to suckle her yummy cunt juices off my tongue. Pump harder I urged him as he watched me slide a finger into her. Pushing as deep as I could get my finger. Pulling it back out and wiping that little girl juice onto his cock. “Jerk off with her pussy juice! Make that cock squirt!”

He pumped away even harder, but I knew a fetish phone sex call like this wouldn’t be any good with out him sinking his cock into her himself. I told him to bring his cock over to me. I sat at her head and leaned down to grab her ankles. I lifted her legs to show both of her little virgin holes. “Take your pick at which hole you want to fuck”… And with that statement, he lined his cock up with her sweet pussy and started to push. His cock head straining and forcing itself in, I heard it pop. With one swift motion he was balls deep in my daughters cunt. I crawled behind him, grabbed his hips and licked his ear. “Fuck her hard baby, cum in my daughters cunt…” I kept repeating while I helped to drive him deep. I knew that every time his cock head slammed against her cervix, it pushed him that much closer to blowing his load into my little girl. That is his whole fantasy! To really pump a cream pie into my preteen princess! Being the deviant Mommy that I am, I couldn’t wait! I held my daughters legs up and there he went. He pushed in as deep as he could, and shot as hard as ever. Pulling out, you could see his cum squirt and drip from her pussy!

This is just one of the many deviant fantasies that make my horny cunt drip! So what about you? Does this preteen, underage, pedo dream seem to be right up your alley for an extreme underage phone sex fantasy? If so, dial my number and let’s get an extremely twisted taboo phone sex call like this one started!

Karlie – 1-888-246-6049

Taboo Age Play Fantasy with Daddy

I had an awesome extreme phone sex age play fantasy with horny Daddy caller. I was a young preteen in our incest fantasy and I caught Daddy jerking off while he was looking at porn. Being the curious little girl I am, I asked if I could watch too.  He told me all about his porn fetish and how it made him really horny when he watched it.  While we were watching I asked him if he could teach me to do the things the girls in the porn were doing.  First he put my little tiny hand on his cock and show me how to stroke it for him.  He said I was good at cock stroking and that he wanted to teach me about blow jobs next.  Once I got him rock hard he told me he wanted to lick my pussy like the guys in the porn did.  So I layed back on this desk and he licked my pussy until I squirted some juice.  Then he told me that to be the perfect little Princess for him I should lay on my belly and spread my legs open so he could force fuck my little ass.  Now I’m perfect in his eyes and I’m his dirty little anal fuck slut!  It’s awesome!

I’m a kinky girl with no limits when it comes to our extreme phone sex fantasies. I want to be the twisted, kinky girl you call for all your fantasies and role plays!  Taboo fantasies that include age play and incest are just a couple things I enjoy. We can do any fantasy you want. Anything goes with me!

Talk to you soon!

Kelly – 1-877-582-0861

Forced Cock Sucking Phone Sex

If you love the idea of being forced into an extreme phone sex conversation then I’m the lady that can fulfill all of your kinky fetish fantasies.  I have no limits so anything goes when you are on the other end of my taboo sex line.

I can turn you into a dirty little cock sucking phone sex whore, pushing you down to your knees and feeding you big black throbbing cocks while I stand behind you, holding your head so they can thrust deep into your mouth.

I might force you into a cum eating position, your leg held up high and your cock right over your face.  You would look like a naked twisted pretzel!  I would laugh as I stroked you, watching your expression as you blow your own load all over yourself.  Wouldn’t that be hot?

Maybe I can use my strap on dildo, or some of my other kinky sex toys to create a very intense tease and denial game that will drive you wild with anticipation.  Orgasm control is so much fun!

If you find yourself fantasizing about being turned into a cock sucking phone sex slut, then give me a call and let me make your wildest fantasies cum true!

Nanci – 1-877-387-5545

Pregnant Preteen Fantasy Phone Sex

Do you like extreme phone sex? I love it!  One of my favorites is being a little preteen who gets knocked up by Daddy!  How twisted is that?  Ha ha! I love playing his little underage phone sex slut. Daddy getting me pregnant makes my pussy dripping wet!  Do you have a fetish about getting your little girl pregnant too?  I love begging him to cum in my little bald cunt too.  Let’s do a pregnant fetish call so you can plant your seed into my little baby girl cunt.  And once my tummy starts to grow you can still fuck me in my little baby box Daddy!  I’ll even let you suck my milk filled little titties as I ride your big dick!  I know it’s really perverted, but I also like to talk about pedo stuff during calls too.  If you do too, then what will we do when the baby comes?  *evil giggles  

Extreme phone sex can be so kinky and taboo and that’s the part that makes my pussy drip with excitement!  If you are getting turned on and your dick is getting hard at the thought of getting your little girl pregnant and want to role play that fantasy out with me, call me!  Oh and don’t forget if  you want to see my perky tits, yummy pussy or delicious ass while we talk on our extreme phone sex call then click the link and jerk off to my pics while we play!  I hope to talk to you soon! I want to make you cum so bad!!

Gia  – 1-888-878-1918