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Preteen Fantasy Phone Sex Role Play

I get so turned on by kinky phone sex fantasies! Don’t you? I’m ready to role play all your favorite fantasies and cum with you. If you’re not sure what you’re in the mood for, here’s a few hot things I’ve been doing that might spark your naughty imagination too.

I was babysitting with BW for his preteen niece in our age play fantasy and I was his naughty accomplice who helped him finally get into that little pussy. I convinced her to play the kissy lick game with me and then BW joined in and I got her to suck his big dick. He fucked her and popped her cherry while I licked her little pussy and his dick and later we talked some more and shared more hot incest stories too. It was awesome!

DT had a hot, kinky phone sex fantasy for us and I was his friend’s Mom in our role play. I walked in to put laundry away and accidentally saw his huge cock. I’m talking gigantic 18 inches! I was so embarrassed but curious too. I’ve never seen a dick that big before. I was captivated. I’ve never cheated before, but I was like in a trance and found myself sucking on that big dick and then turning around so he could fuck me from behind. It was incredible! Our big cock fantasies always are!

When DH told me he bought something new, I couldn’t wait for him to tell me. I have a huge collection of sex toys and when he told me he bought a virgin size plastic pussy, I was totally turned on by it. It’s cyberskin and even though I like calling it a plastic pussy, it’s soft and feels real. I told him my niece modeled for it in our preteen age play fantasy and we had a little incest role play to go along with our mutual masturbation using our sex toys. I pulled out my dildo and he fucked his virgin pussy and we both came so hard. I can’t wait until we get to use that plastic pussy again together. Sex toys rock!

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Humiliation Phone Sex

Do you enjoy humiliation phone sex?  When I call you names like “goo gobbler” or “jizz drinker” or tell you what a phone sex faggot you are, does your pecker start to twitch?  I’ll bet if you’re still reading this, it does!   I love getting guys into very interesting positions, physically, and then turning them into my personal little humiliation phone sex sex toys.  Imagine being seduced into thinking that you’re getting some pussy tonight.  Imagine putting yourself out there and trusting me completely, with your body.  Now imagine feeling your excitement grow to unimaginable levels when you find out what I have in store for you.  Knowing you can’t escape the phone sex humiliation you are about to endure.  I love it and I know you will too.  Put your cock in my capable hands and let’s explore a humiliation phone sex fantasy that will please you in every way possible.



Dirty Phone Sex

I have a dirty phone sex caller who loves having his ass filled with cum.  He loves it so much that he saves his loads for me in one of his favorite sex toys so when he calls me we can talk about his phone sex fetish for cum.

I always love it when he lubes up his dildo and pushes it deep inside his ass.  Hearing him moaning as it slides in is enough to make my pussy start to quiver.  Sometimes I get out my favorite dildo and fuck it while we talk about how hot it would be for me to use my ejaculating strap on phone sex dildo on him myself.  I know that when he’s on his knees, rocking against my cum filled cock, he’d be so turned on!

Do you have a dirty phone sex fantasy to share with me?  Call me and let’s roleplay it out together.  It’s a great way to make your dirty phone sex fantasies cum true!



Strap On Phone Sex

When you get to break in a strap on phone sex virgin, you get to introduce him to one of the most incredible sensations ever!  Tonight, I had the chance to pop a strap on phone sex cherry and it was sweet!  He told me that he had a big dildo and some lube and he was ready to do whatever I told him to do.  Normally I would use the opportunity to enjoy some guided masturbation phone sex, with sex toys included in our game, but since he’d never used a dildo before I thought it would be good to go slow and easy.  Whether you’re a virgin or a veteran, I’d love to share a strap on phone sex experience with you too!



Strap On Phone Sex

I love it when a guy calls  me up for an extreme phone sex fetish call and tells me he wants to be fucked with a big fat strap on cock!  It’s so much fun to tell him to get on his hands and knees as I get into my sex toy box and don my pretty pink dildo strap on cock. Sometimes I make him wiggle his ass, spread his cheeks and beg me for my cock! I can always tell by his moans that this is exactly what he needs.

Of course, sometimes a good cock sucking phone sex call is just as hot. My strap on has no boundaries – mouth or ass (or both) – it’s all good, as long as it’s hard and deep – LOL.

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