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Tiny Dick Humiliation

Having a tiny dick is humiliating enough, but when you begin telling me your cuckold phone sex story the humiliation goes much deeper.

Imagine your wife coming home with a black lover.  You don’t want to admit it, but secretly you’re aroused when you see them together.  She allows you to watch them from the bedroom door and you find yourself so hard that you stroke your little dicklet while she takes his enormous black cock deep into her pussy.  You are shocked when you see that he isn’t wearing a condom and when they are finished she moves over to you and pushes you down to your knees and you begin your cum eating, cream pie training.  You are very adept with your tongue and she gets turned on and wants more of that big cock so she sends you over to him to get him ready for her again.  You never imagined yourself as a cock sucking fluffer but here you are, working that cock until it is rock hard and throbbing for your wife’s pussy.

You want to share all of your cuckold phone sex experiences with me and as you live those moments over and over again, you realize that this is the lifestyle you were meant to have.

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Tiny Dick Humiliation for Losers

Being dressed up as a cute little ballerina, complete with pink tights, leotard, a tutu and ballet shoes that keep you standing on your tippy toes was a great start to a humiliation phone sex call I had this morning.

To add to the fun, I made my sweet little dancer perform for a group of horny men at the sleaziest strip club in town.  This naughty girl loves being turned into a total cock sucking and cum eating sissy – it’s humiliation phone sex at it’s best!

Are you into forced feminization?  Want to be reminded of what a tiny dick loser you are?  How about I tell you how your wife is turning you into a cuckold and WHY she is doing it?  Anything can happen here!

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Humiliation Phone Sex

DTa sent me a pic of his little dick that made our Humiliation Phone Sex fun so fun! It’s really too small to even call it a little dick. He was at a ball game and there was a woman with huge tits sitting down a few rows in the bleachers from him. He had a really good view of those big tits and his little dick got hard and started rubbing on his pants and he shot his load right there without even jerking off. I’m sure that was humiliating going to the men’s room to clean up that big mess from that little dick. Humiliation Phone Sex with DTa is so fun, especially when I make him suck my boyfriend’s big cock so he knows what a real dick is like. I even let my boyfriend fuck his little dick ass so he knows what he’ll never be able to do for a girl too. His little dick cums like a volcano when he’s getting fucked by a real man. It’s just so fun … and funny!

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